ixs-pal® pallet former

The basic concept of the ixs-pal® pallet system is the integrability in existing production processes and packaging systems of manufacturers.

The prototyping aimed at high performance, low space requirement and reliability of the ixs-pal® pallet former.

The ixs-pal® pallet is produced in four steps:

1.  unloading the cuttings from pallet
2.  folding modules and gluing with hot melt
3.  orientation and grouping the four modules
4.  fixation of modules by wet adhesive tape to one pallet

The ixs-pal® former can handle two pallet formats.

The ixs-pal® former achieves an output up to 150 pallets per hour.

The required space for the ixs-pal® pallet former is only ca. 22m2.

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